Yoga Family

I had surgery this Friday.  That being said, I tried to be at Teacher Training as much as possible.  Why?  It’s my yoga family. In my town!  I haven’t been to a training here in Wenatchee but it is so cool to have so many people that I truly adore coming to my home studio.  They have become a new family, my yoga family.

I feel about them like I do my “California Cousins.”  When they come to town, life as we know it stops.  You make sacrifices, you do what it takes to spend every second you can with them.

Also, they care for me.  I have people who really really care.  They don’t fake it, they don’t have to.  They don’t judge me or question it.  They are all completely real and completely real in their love and kindness.  They don’t have to try, they just do.  There is nothing like the relationship I have with my yoga family.  Love and respect.  Mutual understanding.  Unconditional acceptance.  If you don’t have a yoga family, you should.  And mine is pretty darn amazing.

I couldn’t make the hike yesterday, but I love these people.  Beautiful.  13411828_10100896627144203_772470144837506325_o


Second 50 – the ride home recap

You may recall; I stopped on the way home after the first 100 with just my initial thoughts. You can read about it here. The chickpea and the spoon

Today, I feel completely different. I feel happy with who I am. Happier than I have in a long time. Okay in my skin. Accepting of who I am. My purpose feels defined and I’m ready to let go and move forward on a positive path with my life. I love me and I haven’t loved me for so long. Longer than I can remember, childhood. 

But today I know the world is before me and I will start my path with purpose and life. I will have more to say again. I need to decompress but I just feel love.  


The next 50

I’ve been not doing yoga now for 9 days and I feel awful. Tired, stiff. I miss yoga.
I’m still down with my sprain but today I’m doing some sun salutations the best I can. Just enjoying the movement and silent space to reflect.  
But tomorrow I have four days of yoga, yay! Back to Teacher Training for 50 hours. Look for blog posts to hear the next part to my journey.