Nature and yoga

Tonight I practiced on the deck, looking at the most beautiful view. I thought about listening to music. But there was something lovely in the sounds of the outdoors.

I listened to the birds singing to my flows. I felt the gentle wind that cooled me right when I needed it. I balanced finding a focal point on the hills. I looked up at the half moon starting to make it’s way into the blue sky. 

My body moved with grace. I had more focus and balance than I have ever had. I connected my soul with the beauty around me. Something very special in this practice moved me. Meet the outdoors around you and you’ll be at peace.


A moment of silenceĀ 

It’s been a week since I felt like writing. It’s been a week where I’m just running the rate race and loosing.

Today I had a powerful experience that reignited something deep inside. I won’t write about it. It’s just that special to me. But for all those involved, know you each touched my heart and I love each of you. 

I also did some meditation before class and had an experience and a mind set going in. In mediation a deep calm comes over me. I can let the trying hard goes away and I can be with what is. 

I always hated the saying “it is what it is.” Today I got my version that I like much better. It Just Is. something so simple can carry such a big punch. 

My light has been found and today I flipped the switch. I feel changed, transformed. Not into something better, just into what is. 

Baptiste Cleanse – Day 4, Day 2 of fruit fast

Yesterday, I felt pretty good considering all I ate was fruit.

There’s no doubt that I can’t do it. Sometimes things like this you can’t wait for them to be over, but so far, I’m pretty calm with it. So at least it’s pretty easy.

What I started to have serious doubts on if it’s working. I weighed myself at the beginning but told myself I wouldn’t check until after day 7. I felt like it was working in the morning then in the afternoon felt puffy. Back to before I started. I started to worry that it’s not going to work. 

But since it’s easy, I’ll just trust the process.

Weird thing, even though I’m eating all these water based foods and chugging water, I feel extremely dehydrated. 

Day 3, daily yoga. It feels good to commit and connect with my practice. The movements are starting to feel natural. I’m having trouble memorizing the order of one group. But that will only come with more practice. Looking forward to today. Which is always a good thing.

Power daily practice day 1

Okay, truth time. I’ve supposed to have been doing this for two weeks. But I’ve had tomorrow syndrome, yet tomorrow never came. 

Today I took a step, a step I’ll commit to for the next week. I’m looking to just focus on a week at a time. 

This week I’m also starting the Baron Baptiste cleanse. It goes right along with today’s 8 limbs, living simply. It’s simple, not complicated but also extremely difficult. I’ll take this one day at a time, starting today. 

I want to change, grow. I haven’t treated myself like I deserve to be treated. I’ve ate like I hate myself. One of the things I read that really stuck from his book was how you take care of your car. You wouldn’t fill it with sugar and fast food. You would change the oil, put in good gas, wash and care for it. But many of us don’t treat our bodies with the same respect. 

Today that changes, not tomorrow, tomorrow never comes. Today is the day. I deserve it and I respect myself enough to treat my body well.

Healing yoga

I went to yoga this morning. I feel better. It’s been awhile since I’ve made a class, it truly is a gift.

Last night I wanted to drink. Drink away the feelings and the pain. Find something to numb up. But after yoga this morning, I am starting to feel okay. The pain can restore, heal. The only way through it is to feel it. Give myself to it and work through it. I never want to go this long without yoga again. I want to let that heat heal my hurts. Fighting from one moment to the next through the pain. 

Tomorrow I teach Hatha. I’m so looking forward to giving the gift of healing yoga through all of the training, studying. And watch it work in the students. I hope I never forget. This practice can and will change your life. 

I will do yoga daily. My practice has been so needed but pushed aside for my despair. I need to quiet the mind and give it a chance to listen. Be an instrument of peace. Today, I am at peace. 

The beauty in Vinyasa

I talk a lot about Hatha and even Ashtanga but today I got to do Vinyasa and I was reminded of why I enjoy it. Here’s my top 5 reasons to enjoy a Vinyasa class.

1) It’s something different. By taking away knowing what is coming next and pushing yourself for the best pose. Vinyasa just lets me enjoy being in union with my breath.

2) That takes me to breath based. It is all breath based movement. So you learn to breath with your movements and keeps you in the moment.

3) There is an intention to it. I always try to set an intention. But in Vinyasa I feel like I can connect that intention to my practice seemlessly.

4) There is a natural rhythm to it that makes it beautiful and natural, much like a dance. I feel connected with my body in every way. I allow myself imperfection easier by letting my body flow through the movements.

5) When I connect my mind and my body this way I feel whole and connected to the person I am and the good that I can in turn offer to the world from my individual unique person. I don’t have to try to do anything, I can be me and that’s enough.

If you have a free Saturday, I highly recommend Jessie’s Vinyasa at 9:30am at BeYOUtiful Hot Yoga in East Wenatchee. You will not be disappointed with the love and light you can find in yourself on the mat.