Doing the next right thing

Something I’m working on lately is just focusing on doing the next right thing. Sometimes I get stuck in the mode that I want someone to notice what I do.

I run around in my head that I hope they know I did that, or whatever it is. But in reality none of it matters. Doing the next right thing is enough. Maybe you can call it Karma. Doing the next right thing is an easy rule of thumb.

It’s easy to get caught up in the notion that if no one sees it, it doesn’t matter. But you see it. And isn’t what we think of ourselves all that really matters? And if Karma is a thing, it will pay off. 

The life you live, the choices you make, do make the person you are. Are you pleasant? Are you happy? Are you kind and thoughtful? Are you a good friend? All that matters is the next right thing. 

Sure you’ve messed up. I know I have. I’ve been selfish and unpleasant. I’ve made bad choices and hurt people. But the next right thing is always before you. It gets easier to not worry about the past when you focus on the next right thing. And you know what? All those next right things add up to feeling good about who you are and where you are headed. Keep moving forward and find that next right thing and you won’t be disappointed. 


The dream of all dreams

I have dreamed of working in media since my freshman year in high school where I met a teacher who would change the course of my life leading up to this moment. That teacher was Mr. Doug McComas. I found where I wanted to be and where I would try to get to for the next 20+ years.

I’ve wanted to be in media. I found Marketing and loved that equally. But bounced around never marrying the two. Now, I’m an Advertising Account Executive with the local TV Station, NCWLife. 

I’m beyond excited. The excitement of news and deadlines energizes me. I almost can’t believe I’m working along some Wenatchee greats: Steve Hair? Eric Grandstrom? Lisa Bradshaw? Dan Kuntz? Yeah. Yeah. I know, star struck listening to their voices as I walk around is crazy. Steve Hair was right in front of me today. Like right there, talking and having a normal conversation in his voice! 

Okay, maybe not everyone would act like an idiot not being able to speak in front of Steve Hair. Or being so silly awkward in front of Dan Kuntz. But seriously, I’m such a dork for this and don’t even care. 

I’ve really been cyber stalking them for months. Watching, contacting, all of it.

So it’s the dream of all dreams for me, just let me take it in. Can’t wait to get started on this ride.

A moment of silenceĀ 

It’s been a week since I felt like writing. It’s been a week where I’m just running the rate race and loosing.

Today I had a powerful experience that reignited something deep inside. I won’t write about it. It’s just that special to me. But for all those involved, know you each touched my heart and I love each of you. 

I also did some meditation before class and had an experience and a mind set going in. In mediation a deep calm comes over me. I can let the trying hard goes away and I can be with what is. 

I always hated the saying “it is what it is.” Today I got my version that I like much better. It Just Is. something so simple can carry such a big punch. 

My light has been found and today I flipped the switch. I feel changed, transformed. Not into something better, just into what is. 

Baptiste Cleanse – Day 4, Day 2 of fruit fast

Yesterday, I felt pretty good considering all I ate was fruit.

There’s no doubt that I can’t do it. Sometimes things like this you can’t wait for them to be over, but so far, I’m pretty calm with it. So at least it’s pretty easy.

What I started to have serious doubts on if it’s working. I weighed myself at the beginning but told myself I wouldn’t check until after day 7. I felt like it was working in the morning then in the afternoon felt puffy. Back to before I started. I started to worry that it’s not going to work. 

But since it’s easy, I’ll just trust the process.

Weird thing, even though I’m eating all these water based foods and chugging water, I feel extremely dehydrated. 

Day 3, daily yoga. It feels good to commit and connect with my practice. The movements are starting to feel natural. I’m having trouble memorizing the order of one group. But that will only come with more practice. Looking forward to today. Which is always a good thing.

Baptiste Cleanse Day 2 – MAJOR Detox

So, let’s just say today was a lot different than yesterday. I don’t know if toxins were being cleansed from my system or what.

But here is what happened in order of my day, I started out with a quick banana to teach at 7am. It’s a low key wake up kind of flow. I tried to convince myself that it was good enough to not do my practice today. I drank a quick lemon hot water again which is super pleasant. Surprisingly! But I still drank coffee. One step at a time. 

Off to work, at lunch I ate a ton (too many) carrots but they were so crunchy and sweet, I ate them until I hated them. I drank a plant based shake for lunch. But felt a mental fog, I was emotional, defeated, loss of energy and over all feeling a bit blah. I had my mid afternoon apple snack which was super welcomed and gave me a burst of energy. 

After a long day I spent some time crying and over all breaking down luckily to understanding friends. Who were there completely for me.  

I decided I needed to practice. Wimping out gets me nothing. 

I came home, ate a quick chicken salad. Waited 20 minutes and began my practice. Somewhere between the first and third locust, I got queesy and let’s just say I detoxed. I brushed my teeth, got back on my mat and finished my practice.

I now head to a three day fruit fast. Stay tuned!

8 limbs – Aparigraha

One of my favorite Sanskrit words to say. It’s just fun.

But what it means – non covetousness. What it means to me is 2 things: 1) being grateful for what you have 2) not being jealous or wanting what someone else has.

What it means off the mat: greed, wanting what you don’t need, jealousy. All of these are struggles for me, I’ll be honest. I want to not want what other people have, whether it’s a body or things like cars and houses. I find myself longing for what I don’t have. Today, I’m grateful for what I do have. Which is actually a lot. Plenty. More than I deserve. And for the body, I’m settled in my body. Where it at today, I earned every bit of my weight. For better or worse, I’ve done this to myself.

On the mat: it’s easy to want the practice of others. It’s common to watch what other people can do. But again I’ve earned only what I’ve worked for. In yoga, there’s only one way to get what others have, working for it. Practicing frequently. Today I am settled into my practice. Enjoying right where I’m at and knowing it’s a constant practice to improve. There’s no end date, it’s constant growth to the next depth, the little father stretch and the more stength.

Baptiste Cleanse Day 1

I made it through day 1 of a 7 day cleanse. It’s mostly a mind reboot of how you see food.

I just feel really good about eating good. My weight has skyrocketed and I’m ready to take my life back. Keep my machine running on good energy and end the draining.

A lot of it was stress. Food can make you feel better. I don’t know why, I can’t explain it. But I know I’m not the only one that feels this way. Probably many people struggle with the addiction to that feeling.

The part I was most worried about with the cleanse was a warm lemon and honey drink to start the day, was actually very pleasant. But now I’m hungry and craving chocolate. 

Part of the process is feeling what is creating those cravings. In this instance, it’s a little habit, a little comfort and not a bit of real hunger. I know I ate enough, that sweetness is calling me but I don’t need it. Instead I sit with my feelings and accept them for what they are.

It’s hard to look at what you are eating and why. It takes some effort and some soul searching. I’m super excited to start changing my attitude towards food and focusing on what I’m putting in my body.

I did make one exception to the plan, I didn’t give up my morning coffee but I didn’t take extra to work and I drank in moderation. This is cutting back huge for me and I’m not ready to let it go. If I don’t see results this week, I’ll know why and reassess. 

I also started my day with the Baptiste Power practice. I got off my lazy butt and did it. I have to say, it’s a great way to start the day. I feel energized and empowered. On to day 2!