Doing the next right thing

Something I’m working on lately is just focusing on doing the next right thing. Sometimes I get stuck in the mode that I want someone to notice what I do.

I run around in my head that I hope they know I did that, or whatever it is. But in reality none of it matters. Doing the next right thing is enough. Maybe you can call it Karma. Doing the next right thing is an easy rule of thumb.

It’s easy to get caught up in the notion that if no one sees it, it doesn’t matter. But you see it. And isn’t what we think of ourselves all that really matters? And if Karma is a thing, it will pay off. 

The life you live, the choices you make, do make the person you are. Are you pleasant? Are you happy? Are you kind and thoughtful? Are you a good friend? All that matters is the next right thing. 

Sure you’ve messed up. I know I have. I’ve been selfish and unpleasant. I’ve made bad choices and hurt people. But the next right thing is always before you. It gets easier to not worry about the past when you focus on the next right thing. And you know what? All those next right things add up to feeling good about who you are and where you are headed. Keep moving forward and find that next right thing and you won’t be disappointed. 


The dream of all dreams

I have dreamed of working in media since my freshman year in high school where I met a teacher who would change the course of my life leading up to this moment. That teacher was Mr. Doug McComas. I found where I wanted to be and where I would try to get to for the next 20+ years.

I’ve wanted to be in media. I found Marketing and loved that equally. But bounced around never marrying the two. Now, I’m an Advertising Account Executive with the local TV Station, NCWLife. 

I’m beyond excited. The excitement of news and deadlines energizes me. I almost can’t believe I’m working along some Wenatchee greats: Steve Hair? Eric Grandstrom? Lisa Bradshaw? Dan Kuntz? Yeah. Yeah. I know, star struck listening to their voices as I walk around is crazy. Steve Hair was right in front of me today. Like right there, talking and having a normal conversation in his voice! 

Okay, maybe not everyone would act like an idiot not being able to speak in front of Steve Hair. Or being so silly awkward in front of Dan Kuntz. But seriously, I’m such a dork for this and don’t even care. 

I’ve really been cyber stalking them for months. Watching, contacting, all of it.

So it’s the dream of all dreams for me, just let me take it in. Can’t wait to get started on this ride.

Happy insomnia 

I couldn’t sleep last night. Usually it’s stress related, but last night it was happiness. I’m grateful and content. Happy to be where I’m at and settled in my life.

I’ve reduced some stress and drama that I didn’t need and have focused on healing myself and my family and it’s all coming together. 

Just a few moments in bed, happy. To be alive, to be moving forward. Breathing in and out pure joy. I’m thankful for all that I have and I have everything I need. My heart is full and I feel truly blessed.

Take a moment now and then and find contentment in your life.

Night owl

I love the night. Everyone is asleep and it’s as quiet as it gets. The fire is dying down and I find my worries fading away. I find a sense of peace and calm. I usually stay up 2-3 hours just to bask in the darkness.

It’s something beautiful to feel your loved ones at rest. I can finally relax, let go of those expectations and just be.

I’m sure morning people feel the same way. But for me, that couple hours before I crawl into bed and I find peace, I can sleep. Knowing in my heart that a new day is coming and I’ll be okay. For just these moments, everything is right and hopeful. Looking forward, letting the day go. It’s just what I need.

I love when I can see the moon. Comforting knowing it’s there with me to watch over the night. The quiet streets with just those few kindred souls making their way to their homes or night jobs. 

Everything slows down, the running around from place to place fades away into the dark and I am at peace.

Finding my practice 

I’ve been trying so hard since the first to practice yoga, but if made excuses that isn’t worth listing. Let me just say, teaching makes it hard to practice.

I’ve judged, I know I have. But it’s hard. That’s all there is to it. But tonight I promised myself I’d get going and start practicing. Without a class, on my own. 

I felt energized and inspired by my class tonight and stayed after and got it in. I remember all the reasons I love it. My body and mind are so tired, but through my practice I feel renewed in spirit. I feel connected to myself and confident with who I am.

I can’t describe the feeling yoga gives you but it has power. Tonight it was just me and my mat. The place I should be, taking time to take care of me. 

New Hope for Joy

This year I am focusing on joy. Doing things that bring me joy, bringing other people joy.

Here’s my New Years commitment:

Yoga every day-I know I’ve committed to this in the past but I want to make it a way of life.

Write or read daily-I’m going to either write here.  This makes me aware of my feelings and intentions. It keeps me honest, humble and in the moment. 

Or I’ll read, something fun, something that isn’t working on something, reading for fun. Always takes me out of whatever my situation is and into another world.

I love New Years, it’s a new start, new possibilities and an opportunity to be better. Start fresh today, the best year of your life is waiting for you to create it.


I’m writing, because I should. Not because I want to. Because I don’t. I want to watch tv, pretend that things are going great. And just retreat. 

But they aren’t going great. They are hard and complicated and big decisions have to be made. It’s life changing, crushing, happy, sad. Moment by moment feelings. And feelings are mixed. 

This seemed appropriate for today.