Mornings are the hardest. I wake up and wonder how did I get here and if I have the strength to make it through another day of this hell I’ve created.

My heart breaks over and over into a million pieces. Black, broken and empty. I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. I barely function. 

My hope barely there comes and goes. I want to rewind. Undo. But I can’t. I feel helpless. The ache of pain is deep in every part of me. 

But I look for beauty, I look for love, I look for hope. I’ve lost it all and just pray for one more chance. To make it right. To make it okay. Baby steps, just keep moving forward.

And as I write, I look up to see a rainbow in front of me. I know someone is listening. I know it will be okay. No matter what. 



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BRCA 2+, Post Bilateral Mastectomy, Post Surgical Menopause, Previvor, Dedicated Yoga Student, Previvor Advocate

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