Life Changer

I’ve been through some physical junk in the last month or so. (Not to mention a kidney stone that has been brutal-still there too) A lifeguard training which I pretty much am 20 years older than all the other people in the class. That being said, my first month of teaching yoga has been an amazing gift. Every time I teach or take class, all those issues and problems fade away.

I can’t begin to describe the humbleness of leading people through something that will heal them, transform them. I know I’m not always flawless in classes but I feel a deep sense of responsibility to provide a great class. Serving my students, giving them the gift that so many teachers before me have given to me. And I can feel every class being better than the last. Tweeking and changing my dialog and improving with every class.

But the reality is, teaching and teaching training has changed my life in more ways than just in teaching. I am a completely transformed person. Starting the teaching training program is intense. It’s just plain hard emotionally and physically. Somewhere along the process I found myself. I found acceptance. Not only acceptance from others, but really a self acceptance that I’ve never had.

Not always through Stephanie, my teacher, but through the people I’ve met and come to know and love. 

Yesterday I was thinking about how my friend Lyzz has changed me.  One example from the amazing people I’ve met in this journey. Lyzz has made me feel okay to be me. To stop cutting myself down to try to be different, trying to be someone who other people want me to be. But Lyzz is no one else. She is an amazing person and friend who knows who she is and never tries to be someone she isn’t. I have removed so much of my negative self talk.

I’ve also learned to love and accept people for who they are. By loving and accepting myself, it’s easier to love and accept other people just the way they are.

It brings tears to my eyes just thinking of how much YTT has changed me. I’m different and I love who I am. I became a teacher in the process but the real inpact has reached far beyond the hot room. 

A new 50 hour class starts this Friday in East Wenatchee. If you have considered it, even if you don’t know if you want to teach. Maybe just to change your practice. Maybe just to change your life. Maybe to see where it takes you.  There are also more sessions coming up. 

It is truly an experience like no other. A gift to yourself. Your life will never be the same.  

Just one picture showing my lifetime friends. All of the people I’ve met through this are just amazing wonderful people. I’ve been so blessed to have these friends in my life. Teacher training is like nothing else. 


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BRCA 2+, Post Bilateral Mastectomy, Post Surgical Menopause, Previvor, Dedicated Yoga Student, Previvor Advocate

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