Decoding Annie Parker 

Last night I watched Decoding Annie Parker on Netflix. If you are curious about the BRCA genes, how it feels to have cancer run in the family, how they discovered the gene: this is a great way to learn and I hope gives the watcher an understanding, this movie is really really good.

Besides having a huge cast of actors that are top notch, the story and writing is incredible based on the true story. 

Just a few of the actors:

Helen Hunt, Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad), Rashida Jones, Corey Stoll, Ben McKenzie, Bradley Witford. All stars!

The story is split between the story of the discovery of the 1st BRCA gene by Dr Marie Claire King (played by Helen Hunt) and the personal story of Annie Parker who was one of the first tested for the BRCA gene, BRCA1+.

For me the fears and frustrations are truly personal. It’s a powerful and beautiful story. 

 I highly recommend this movie and hate to go into the plot anymore than nessasary because it unfolds so wonderfully I don’t want to ruin it.

So that being said, just try to not be to hard on Jessie’s hair…. 



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BRCA 2+, Post Bilateral Mastectomy, Post Surgical Menopause, Previvor, Dedicated Yoga Student, Previvor Advocate

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