The beauty in Vinyasa

I talk a lot about Hatha and even Ashtanga but today I got to do Vinyasa and I was reminded of why I enjoy it. Here’s my top 5 reasons to enjoy a Vinyasa class.

1) It’s something different. By taking away knowing what is coming next and pushing yourself for the best pose. Vinyasa just lets me enjoy being in union with my breath.

2) That takes me to breath based. It is all breath based movement. So you learn to breath with your movements and keeps you in the moment.

3) There is an intention to it. I always try to set an intention. But in Vinyasa I feel like I can connect that intention to my practice seemlessly.

4) There is a natural rhythm to it that makes it beautiful and natural, much like a dance. I feel connected with my body in every way. I allow myself imperfection easier by letting my body flow through the movements.

5) When I connect my mind and my body this way I feel whole and connected to the person I am and the good that I can in turn offer to the world from my individual unique person. I don’t have to try to do anything, I can be me and that’s enough.

If you have a free Saturday, I highly recommend Jessie’s Vinyasa at 9:30am at BeYOUtiful Hot Yoga in East Wenatchee. You will not be disappointed with the love and light you can find in yourself on the mat.


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BRCA 2+, Post Bilateral Mastectomy, Post Surgical Menopause, Previvor, Dedicated Yoga Student, Previvor Advocate

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