It never gets any easier (if you are doing it right)

I’m reading the book Hell-Bent by Benjamin Lore. Recommended by my friend, Alexis.  It’s basically one guy’s look into Bikram training. So I take it with a grain of salt. 

That being said, it’s very interesting. A little salacious but a good read.

One of my favorite Bikram lines that I feel confident that he says because now I’ve heard it from two different sources. It’s “It never gets any easier (if you are doing it right.)”  

This refers to the Bikram 26 Beginner Yoga class, frequently called Hatha.

It is such a great reminded how important that base practice is and that there is always farther to take a posture. And if you are doing it right, it never gets easier. 

Many people when they are ready to advance, move to more Power or Fusion type classes. I encourage you to not give up Hatha, push yourself in these basic postures. Learn more about what I mean in a posture clinic where a teacher has the ability to show you the next step in a stuck too easy posture.

For me, I’m not there yet. You can be a beginner for 10 years. For me, it’ll probably be 15. But either way, until I cal hold standing forehead to knee for a full minute, I’ll be content in the beginning class. Working the basics, appreciating the benefits.  



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