Teacher Refresh

I was so blessed last weekend to spend two days with my Master Teacher, Carlo.  He is a gift to yoga that many don’t know about.  But when you spend two days with him, you want to do yoga.  You want to do it right, you want to do it constantly – you want to make yoga your life learning mission like he has.

Spending two days after graduating is amazing.  The pressure is off to memorize and study and you can immerse yourself in learning.  I learned so much, I do every time I get to sit in front of this yoga treasure.  My life has been changed, there is no doubt.

It makes me want to share what I have learned with everyone I know.  I want to get everyone’s spine moving, but it also brings me back to my practice.  How important it is to have a dedicated practice.

But what you learn most sitting with this man is humility.  In yoga, there is no room for ego.  If you struggle with it, the humbleness of sitting in front of someone that knows infinitely more than you, will always always get you humble.

Even the little things – music.  He brings me back to the basics, the root, the core of yoga.   I will never give up an opportunity to learn from him.

Then there are the things that you learn from everyone else.  A few things I learned over the last two days (I hope I don’t embarrass anyone) and these are just the people I got to connect with – there are many more;

Carlo: The root and basis of all things yoga – he is a true master of the art

Stephanie: love and acceptance and how to stop and listen so that you learn from the masters

Kiki: what a beautiful studio space, starting a Moses Lake Tribe that I am lucky to be a part of watching you grow – WillPower was one of my first classes and I love that I can continue to learn from you

BenJAMIN: the basics of meditation and calming the mind.  I am so glad I got to have a little religion talk with you and Alexis.

Alexis: what true motivation looks like – if you think you are motivated – meet this girl, you will be wowed.  Watch out world, she is going to change you

Danielle: how to laugh so hard until you cry

Stacy: how important clarity of the mind is

Lyzz: acceptance and contentment – I am so proud of you!  Proud of us, we started together and I am so glad we got to be there for each other at the end.  Eye to eye, we will always be connected.

Jill: Your strength is amazing.  I am going to get to know you better, well, when you have a free second….. Thanks for sitting with me.

Camas: what dedication and commitment to practice can do – you define a Sattvic practice

Taylor: arm balancing beyond my wildest dreams and how humor can ease the soul

I truly love all of you.  I am blessed to have you in my life.  Thank you for sharing your practice and your life with me.







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BRCA 2+, Post Bilateral Mastectomy, Post Surgical Menopause, Previvor, Dedicated Yoga Student, Previvor Advocate

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