Yoga Teacher Training Graduation

A couple weeks ago I completed my 200 hour Teacher Training. There was a written exam followed by a practicum where I had the opportunity to teach selected poses to other teachers and trainees. 

In the first 150, I felt a deep sense of personal growth. Both in my practice and in learning to love and accept myself. In my final 50 everything was finally coming together but the stress was overwhelming. There is so much to remember and at first thinking 200 hours is so long. But after it, not nearly enough. 

Yoga Teacher Training is definitely not just talking people through a beginner class. It’s understanding the history, the root of the practice. It’s learning the deeper meaning to the practice and learning to love the art of yoga. 

It’s hard to write about (which is likely why this post took so long for me to write.) I just can’t fit into one post all of the things I learned or my feelings on completing it. But I will say this, I am 100% a better human because of this training.

The other thing about completion in yoga is it doesn’t exist. You learn there is always more to learn. Farther and deeper into postures and into the study of yoga philosophy. There’s always one more step. I heard many times during my training that if it’s ever easy, you aren’t doing it right. 

Maybe that’s a note on life itself. We hear that anything worth doing should be difficult but in yoga, it’s more than that. It’s finding your strength. Appreciating your life force and pushing yourself to that deeper practice. Maybe it’s just physical, a little lower, a little father back. But if that’s all you do in yoga, you are missing out on the most important and beautiful things in yoga. 

It’s all about you and that mat. No one makes you concentrate or meditate. No shaming for doing a posture halfway. It’s in you; strength, commitment, focus, concentration. There are so many things there to discover. And it’s all within you. Your personal power is there. Find it, use it, practice it. Your life and your practice will never be the same.

Finished? Never. I may be able to teach, but I’ll never stop in my pursuit of learning this ancient art. There is always farther to go. And I will go. 

A special thank you to the two ladies who believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. My teachers, Mimi and Stephanie. You are amazing in every way and my journey is just beginning. 


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