The Hydration Game – 30 Day Challenge – week 2

Here we go on to week 2 of the 30 day challenge.  This is the week where you realize what you are getting yourself into.  You are sore and tired.  You think, this is hard!  Yes!  It is.  But so worth it.  Remember your intention and keep going.  This is the week to dig in your heels, commit and if you haven’t already, start taking care of your body.

My usual struggle is with water.  Drinking enough to offset the constant amount of loss through sweating in that hour, every day.  Drinking enough and keeping it in me is key after 7 classes.  I am not a doctor (NOT A DOCTOR) but I have been dehydrated many times during these challenges and it is a real struggle for me to stay hydrated. Things to look for if you are dehydrated which may be a little different than typical dehydration symptoms but what I notice, because I’m not a doctor. 😉


  • Dry mouth – this is the typical thing to watch for.  Of course if you are thirsty, drink.  I don’t deal with this because I am almost constantly drinking water during this challenge.  So I instead with hot yoga change this thing to watch for

Hot Yoga

  • Dry skin, lips, eyes – I will notice these first showing me that the water is not getting through my system, it is likely passing through.  I look for ways to retain water.



  • Sweating may stop – this makes me laugh.  If you are in hot yoga and you stop sweating you might want to step out.  That isn’t right.  But in all seriousness, that is a very bad sign but this has never happened to me in hot yoga.  I am nearly always sweating.  I am still sweating in the shower 30 minutes after class.

Hot Yoga

  • Muscle cramps – This is the first thing I notice when I am not getting enough water.  Certain poses will immediately cramp my muscle.  My muscle of choice is my hamstring.  It cramps, oh geeze, I need water.


  • Dizziness – I get dizzy on a semi regular basis in yoga class.  It probably means I need water, it couldn’t hurt.  But sometimes being upside down for a minute and then coming up might make anyone dizzy on any given day.  I’m not a doctor.  Did I mention that?  – Not a doctor.

Hot Yoga

  • Confusion – When I come out of yoga class I sometimes feel a dazed hazy feeling.  Not confused, more out of it and needing time before I can hold a conversation or figure out what I am doing next.  In these 30 day challenges while the studio is packed full of people sometimes I wander around trying to figure out how to get in and get my water.  It’s like a maze that takes me a little longer to navigate.  I probably need water.


At this point in the challenge, hydration is key.  Keep drinking water.  Add in fresh juices.  If you feel like you are experiencing symptoms and you don’t feel well, take care of yourself first.  Take an extra Yin class.  It’s not hot so you don’t sweat as much and it is relaxing and can stretch out those tired muscles.

Keep going challengers!  And by the way:



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