2015 Year in Review

Industries-in-2015-landing-page-imageI set out this year to do some pretty amazing things.  What I learned is it’s about the journey, the practice, not the destination.

In 2015, I almost completed teacher training – getting to 150 hours of Yoga training.  It was amazing and changed my life in so many ways.  The two most important things in this journey that come to mind; I learned to love who I am, I met amazing people who I appreciate and love.

What I learned is that behind every person is a story.  It’s a story of love and loss, scars and burns.  It is easy in this age of Facebook and Instagram to be deluded into thinking some people have a charmed life.  Really, no one does.  Hurt has touched everyone.  There isn’t a scale, there isn’t any measurement.  It touches us all.  The struggle is what makes us human and we learn and grow and get gifts that makes us better for the world and our families.

About a week ago I wrote a post about inhaling beauty and exhaling love.  Since then, I started to realize it may look very profound and deep but in reality, it’s hard work.  I fail and fail again.  But it’s practice, over and over.  As long as I keep breathing, I will keep practicing. Beauty in, love out.

Yoga, and life, is all about the practice.  It isn’t being everything you want to be, it’s about practice, practice and then more practice.  I’d love to be all about love and beauty but the life I have been given gets in the way sometimes. So I continue my practice, each breath is an opportunity to try again.

I think it is easy to get into the trap of running from day to day, just trying to get by.  But you loose something, the every day, the struggle, the moments that we will forget.  Yoga has taught me not to rush into the next moment (or posture) or focus what didn’t happen in the past – just live in that present moment.  There really is nothing else.

This year I have one goal, balance.  Last year I had many, this year, my focus – balance.  I think yoga gives you an appreciation for your struggle.  Yoga hasn’t come easy to me.  Teaching even less so.  But the hardest thing for me has been balance.  Mimi (my teacher) says struggling makes you a better teacher, I couldn’t agree more.  I have to learn to be patient, focused.  Balance is my personal struggle.  I love pink but I am not a flamingo.  Standing on one leg is hard.  Trying to hold your other foot in some weird position while on one leg is even harder.  This year, I hope to channel my inner flamingo, embracing balance in life and in yoga.  2016 for me will be the year of the flamingo.

As another year passes and a new one begins, think about enjoying the struggle – it’s what makes you the person you are.  Embrace it, sink into it and enjoy it.  No one has it easy or smooth.  But that struggle, those scars, makes you beautiful.  It makes you unique.  No one has your struggles or journey, but everyone does have their own.  And if you can, standing on one leg makes it so much harder, but so worth the effort.



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BRCA 2+, Post Bilateral Mastectomy, Post Surgical Menopause, Previvor, Dedicated Yoga Student, Previvor Advocate

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