Home vs. Studio

I haven’t been going to yoga.  It feels like months but really it was just weeks ago.  I am meeting a friend tonight there, so now I am committed.  I need the sweat so badly.  The stress, the fear, the downs – I need to sweat it all away.

I have been doing a little on my own, but here is how it is different:

  • The sweat is real and it is necessary.  If you aren’t sweating, you aren’t doing it right.  It is part of the process, it cleanses and heals the body.  (Okay, yes – I am sure there are some gifted people who may not sweat.  I’m not friends with any of these people.  We all sweat.)
  • There needs to be focus.  There aren’t distractions even of the eyes.  In your home, you can see your things – your stresses.  In the hot room there is nothing but you and your mat.
  • There is silence.  Maybe not in the room, but in your head.  When you can’t speak, you can only listen.  You are in tuned with your body and your mind.
  • There is pressure. At some point when you have learned all the poses, the pressure to do better and better each class may just be inside you or it may be who you are next to.  I have several people that being beside them makes me better.  It is usually people I respect and practice is ahead of mine.  I don’t compare myself, just their practice and energy pushes me to do my best.  Even next to the most beautiful standing splits by Taeya, I see myself lifting just that much higher.
  • There is a tribe.  If you are lucky enough to find a yoga home, you will get to know faces.  And as you stand side by side on one leg, they are there.  They are focused and working as hard as you.  On the floor, you fly together.  If you try silent yoga, the room breathes together.  It is a powerful connection.
  • Pretty is not welcome in the hot room.  We are all beautiful and I like to say that the heat sweats the pretty out.  Makeup is gone, hair is drenched yet somehow that is when I feel the most beautiful. Although half of that is I am standing strait, shoulders back; my mother would be so proud.
  • The heat, oh how I love the heat.  Yes, the first week you might think you will die but you get to the place where you crave it.  It sinks into your muscles and softens even the tightest tendons.  You can warm up at home but it isn’t the same.  The heat is necessary, trust me, someday you will love it.

If you have tried yoga at home and like it, you will love it at a studio.  I’d love to welcome you to the tribe and sweat along side you and hope I send you a little energy to go farther.styleblueprint_hyptshirt_061313


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BRCA 2+, Post Bilateral Mastectomy, Post Surgical Menopause, Previvor, Dedicated Yoga Student, Previvor Advocate

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