Shoulder Injury and Friends

Sometimes I can be a bit careless.  Example I touched on briefly but I tried to show off for family doing a headstand and was wearing socks at first and slipped, injuring my left shoulder.  I hate being “that girl” who always is hurt in someway or another.  Trust me, I don’t want to be that girl.  But somehow that is what my life has become, a medical mystery I like to say.

So I slipped into a chair on my left shoulder.  Today I went in to find out what is going on since it hasn’t gotten any better.  Bonus, I am learning all my shoulder parts.  (Quick apology to Kyra – I said I rather have a shoulder injury because so many knee and ankle injuries have kept me down.  FYI, shoulder isn’t better.  It hurts no matter what I do, even typing this gives me pain. So Kyra – you are a trooper! and I was just being dumb)  The doctor today told me I bruised my bones and muscles specifically injuring the Supraspinatus and the Subcapularis.  And man do they hurt.  I can’t reach behind me at all, I don’t know why I didn’t share it at first.  I just hope that it goes away and is nothing serious but here I am, over a week later still unable to move fully.

If you are interested, here’s a little picture of the shoulder muscles.


The good thing is I still got into my little headstand for my family.  Nothing can keep this yogi down!


In other news, I am teaching 6 poses this Friday in Leavenworth (come if you can – 9:30am) and am so excited to get another shot at it.  I was so nervous the first time.  Maybe it’s a room you NEVER speak in and all of a sudden you are the only one talking!  It was really fun though.

What I have really gotten the most from in this journey is deep personal friendships I have developed.  When you know the deepest parts about someone, there is a care, a love, a respect that I can’t describe except that I love these people.  I truly love them, care for them and would do anything for each any every one of them.  My husband said today love is for family, they are my family.  My yoga family.

Are you close with those around you?  Do you know the hardest struggles in their life?  It’s worth it, find out.  Make real connections and less surface connections.  It will change you, your relationships and the way you see people that you don’t know.



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