Home Sweet Home

It’s great to be home!  First of all my husband greeted me which some beautiful happy flowers! So sweet. 

It is so good to be home. There is a ton of emotions that you go through after Teacher Training that I can’t begin to describe and to tell you the truth, I don’t want to tell you. It’s magical and something that if you are called to, is just something you have to do to understand. The important thing is I was healed there.  Somewhere between the heat, the dehydration, the people and a lot of just what happens there-you find yourself. What your made of and what your truth is.

It’s hard to explain so I give you this instead:

Dear prospective Yoga Teacher Training Student;

Congratulations! You are about to change your life.  I know you don’t know me, but we are going to be in this together. It’s about to get real.

You could be 18, you could be a month and a half shy of 40. You could be 70. This week in your life will change the way you look at life from now until you stop practicing yoga.  Here are some overall changes that you might see.

  • You might be on the cusp of something new. Heart torn between the past that is being passed on and the new that is scary but unknown. Grace and love will be your legacy where ever you go.
  • You might be some girl who’s self confidence comes so naturally and easily that your radiance is needed. It grounds and builds confidence to be themselves to all around you. Your strength is tested and you find that even when things feel upside down you are stronger than you knew.
  • You may have struggled with insecurity but when beauty is stripped, boiled out with heat, you perform beautiful postures with grace and precision. You find your beauty will be everlasting if you self love from within.
  • You could sometimes feel angry in class. But you find the compassion within you is sweet, soft and loving. Everyone will be calmed by your ease of truth.
  • You could just be struggling with some emotional scars. You’ll be grounded, healed and find strength in the deepest hardest times inspiring those around you with the strong spirit within you.
  • You could be so early in your life that you need a direction. Walk by faith. You could find your talent is so beautifully pure and natural.  You can do anything you put your mind to.
  • You may need to always be the strong one. You are the strength that binds the tribe.
  • You could be battered. Beat up. Injured. You will find healing. Emotionally, physically. You’ll find the warrior within, the fight for better, the strength you know is within you to never give up. You’ll find your truth again.

You could be something completely different. I don’t know, that’s your journey, your truth. 

All I know is your life will never be the same. So congratulations and good luck, you can do it! 



YTT 100 Hours

Class of September 2015 

PS buy the books early and start reading! Just trust me. Oh and drink lots of water!


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BRCA 2+, Post Bilateral Mastectomy, Post Surgical Menopause, Previvor, Dedicated Yoga Student, Previvor Advocate

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