Yoga Teacher Training Day 5 and 6

Last night I fell asleep around 10pm.  For me, that’s early.  I was just so tired I couldn’t stay awake.  Then I got up at 6am!  All by myself without my LB (daughter) to come wake me up.

I even woke up and did a decent job on homework.  But I didn’t write and even had people notice!  That’s such a complement because I write all this with absolutely no intention of anyone reading it.  The important thing to me is to write.

Yesterday and today where both really good days.  After those first couple days when it is so hard – sitting on the floor, intense yoga and a ton of brain information – you get over the hump of half way and it isn’t so hard anymore.  I feel settled in the routine and it makes me feel comforted to know the general things to expect and somehow that calms me.  (If you are interested as to why, take a Dosha test.  I am a proud Vatta)

Yesterday, we spent another day with Carlo.  He is just a master and I will leave it at that.  I have decided he is one of my four teachers.  I expect to quote all four of them in my classes if I ever teach.  Which at this point, I really want to.

Today we went a little deeper into teaching and I nailed down in my mind my priorities as a teacher.  Interested?  Okay, here’s my passion and priorities:

  1. Mastectomy Recovery including Menopausal symptoms. I have been in surgical menopause for 13 years and it has really helped me in many ways including bone and muscle strengthening, muscle flexibility, mental calming and hot flash reduction.  It has also opened up my chest and released a lot of the tension that my surgery has affected.  I will write more in the future about how this has helped me through these physical and psychological issues that it is a every day issue.  Anyone in my position knows exactly what I am talking about.  BRCA, prophylactic surgeries – well, only us club members know the daily struggle with cancer risk and the surgical and psychological consequences of our decisions.  I am dedicated to learning more, researching and being an expert in any way I can about the healing yoga can bring to our specific struggles.
  2. Beginners and recovery from injuries.  I care so much for people that I want to bring what I have learned and what has helped me in yoga.  It is healing, no matter how you look at it.  Hatha Yoga is made to correct the Western culture’s common injuries and problems.  It is about joint flexibility and strength and if you try it for a month, you will see healing.  One of my four teachers, Stephanie, my main teacher, says one class doesn’t count.  You need about 10 to see a difference.  If you are interested, two of my other teachers, Mimi and Wes, own three studios that all have a two week introduction special for only $20 so you can see if it works for you.  I’d love to help you, motivate you and practice along side you so you can see the benefits after two weeks of dedicated practice.
  3. I am inspired to motivate.  I have struggled.  More than most.  Yoga didn’t come easy to me, I struggled.  Each class was a fight.  I had to fight to balance, fight for strength and fight to get the postures.  I had so many physical issues that it gave me that struggle and the fight to stay in it.  It’s only been about a year of practice but I have seen so much progress.  I love what Yoga has done for me and I want to share that with anyone willing to start fixing the problems they have.  Back pain, knee pain, heart pain.  I want to help, motivate and inspire.  A yoga practice can help alleviate many physical and emotional issues.  Everyone; young, old, injured and emotionally hurt; everyone can benefit from a yoga practice.  There is a benefit to connecting the spiritual, emotional and physical together.  There is healing in that hot room and you can’t understand until you’ve spent two weeks or 10 classes of healing.  Remember, 1 class doesn’t count – you have to give it at least a little bit of time before you start to see the benefits.  This week I have learned Yoga is about patience.

I have found something in yoga that is healing.  Body, Mind and Soul.  I just can’t wait to share it.  “This is where the healing begins.”612759


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BRCA 2+, Post Bilateral Mastectomy, Post Surgical Menopause, Previvor, Dedicated Yoga Student, Previvor Advocate

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