Yoga Teacher Training – Day 1

Let’s just say I am overwhelmed with day one.  On one side, I am learning SO much.  Going that deep into a pose is bound to change your practice.  But the end of the day got emotional for me.  I miss my family, I miss my home, I am missing that comfortable predictability.  I know them, they know me.  I know they will put up with me even when I am tired.

So a short recap of the first day….. Intense, sweaty, dehydrated beyond dehydrated.  But really informative.  If you want to go farther in your practice, it is definitely the way to go.

Stephanie is the instructor from the Hot Spot Yoga School….  and she is amazing.  We are the same “type” which is super fun for me because I notice things in her that I do all the time.  Where did I put my keys?  Yep, that’s me.  She sounds so intimidating, I actually was super scared of her.  But one of the things I love about yoga is the acceptance and love for others.  Somehow they show you the right way to do it without pressuring you to get all the way there. Stephanie never once made me feel like I wasn’t ready or doing the poses good enough to be in this training even though I am sure I am the farthest from the “full expression” (because I don’t use the P word in yoga- Perfect)   In yoga, it’s about pushing your body to it’s limit, not matching the 25 year old in the class.

Yeah, there’s a lot of 20 somethings – I’m easily the oldest by a good 8 years.  Maybe that made it harder today, I’m not sure.  But it was extremely hard!  By that I mostly mean the floor.  And it isn’t hard at all, they have the great floors in both Leavenworth and Spokane, but I have an almost 40 year old hips and lower back – they are screaming.  But I have 80 year old knees and they are beyond sore.  Just all you 20 somethings, when you are 40, go sit on a floor for 12 hours. Everything hurts and it is only day 1.  Ugh.

Mimi and Wes are there too, owners of BeYOUtiful Hot Yoga studios in Spokane, Leavenworth and of course my home in East Wenatchee.  Both just such cool people – amazing instructors and even better people.  It was fun to see Mimi show off her amazing skills because we so rarely get to see it after all the benefit their studios have given us.  But it feels nice to have them both there.  Something familiar.

I actually noticed after the two classes I took that I missed the people that I know.  Not seeing them in class really affected me more than I thought it would.  My yoga friends make a big difference in pushing me to my limit.  Maybe I will feel more comfortable in a few days but for now I am struggling with home sickness more than anything else.

The hardest time during the day came towards the end.  I am not hydrating enough or probably eating enough.  At the end of the last class, I felt emotional and tired.  I just wanted to lay down and watch tv.  Something mind numbing.  But maybe that is the last thing I need.  Maybe I shouldn’t numb my mind and instead be present in each breath.

That’s why I am here, here for the experience, here for the knowledge, here for a better life.  Healing myself one day at a time.  All that damage I have done will someday be a memory as I stretch and strengthen all of those little joints that are killing me now.  Now SLEEP!  Hooray~ I’ve earned it!




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