30 Day Challenge – Amy’s Advice Day 9

It is day 9 of the 30 day challenge tomorrow.  I know it’s getting hard.  This is only my second, my first was in February.  I couldn’t believe how much my yoga was affected by following through.  So here are my tips now that we are nearing the 1/3 mark.


You might be a couple classes behind at this mark – DON’T give up!  Keep going.  You CAN do this.  Steps to keep going:

  1. Commit to one class a day.
  2. Go onto Mind Body app and sign up for the next few days.  Plan ahead and go back to #1
  3. Can’t get in every day?  That’s okay, split it up, cut it down.  How many doubles do you have to do per week to stay even?
  4. More than a couple classes behind?  That’s okay, keep going.  Go back to #1, don’t panic and just keep going.

Staying even – KEEP going!

  1. Commit to one class a day.
  2. Hydrate – make sure you are drinking enough water
  3. Fuel – eat well, eat healthy, fuel your body
  4. Plan – you don’t need to try to do a double back to back or three classes in a day, just stay close, do what you can and try to stay even.  Plan those classes out and mind body and set the time aside.  Return to #1.

Way ahead – KICK into high gear!

  1. Push yourself past 30.  What can you do?  More of a mix?  More doubles?  40 in 30?  Why stop at 30 in 30?  If you are kicking butt, kick harder!
  2. Hydrate – and then hydrate some more.  Dehydration can come on quick and stop your challenge in your tracks.
  3. Fuel – eat well, visit The Hunter’s Wife between a double.  Take advantage of those Anti-Flam Shots every 5 classes.
  4. Plan – schedule those classes and motivate your friends to keep up the energy.  Tag them, meet for classes.

Let’s go tribe, we got this!


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BRCA 2+, Post Bilateral Mastectomy, Post Surgical Menopause, Previvor, Dedicated Yoga Student, Previvor Advocate

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