Sun, Wind & The Hunter’s Wife

I hadn’t done yoga outside besides a couple of poses in various fun places.  But today I got to do an amazing class at The Hunter’s Wife health bar.  It was so nice!  Not as hot but I certainly didn’t mind that.

There is something very focusing about feeling the wind cool your skin and the sun shine on your face.  I mostly closed my eyes and felt the sensations.  It was relaxing and at the same time energizing.  Even hearing the traffic didn’t bother me.  I have really been working on my focus during class.

After class, I got a berry Kombucha on tap.  It was refreshing and I will definitely get back for that again!  I still am waiting to try a Acai Bowl.  It is supposed to be really good and it looks amazing, things like berries and chocolate, banana’s and honey.


Tandi (owner) taught our flow today and talked about eating whole foods and knowing where your food comes from.  If you are in the neighborhood of Valley Mall Parkway, behind 7-11, for sure check it out!  Besides the food, she was an amazing teacher.  If she just taught a class at a time that I am conscience….5am isn’t really a time I do.

As for my practice, I am doing two summer months of other than Hatha classes.  My goal is to expand and try new things but in reality, I am struggling with knee pain from surgery to repair what I call a pot hole in my femur.  It just seems like every little thing hurts it.  And I’m in pain most of the day.  My limp continues to worsen.  But I love yoga so much so I press on.  I live to balance another day.

I have found my flexibility, I impress myself every time I go how far I can push my body.  However, balance is still an issue – both knees giving me intense pain.  (which today, without meaning to, put me on the only flat section which turned out to be the FRONT ROW.  Luckily, I was off to the side so I think I dodged the photos.  Focus is one thing that I have seen improvement.  If I could connect the focus to the balancing poses, I would sure progress.  Next time, focus and balance, focus and balance.


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