Om Shanti Pants Review

Today I finally got a pair of pants just for yoga.  What difference could pants possibly make?

A TON!I sweat a lot in Hot Yoga, maybe I am just predisposed to pour when it is hot, I’m not sure.  But I always feel like the sweatiest person in the room.  At first, I was weird about it.  I wiped off the sweat like I needed in some way to be dry.  Now, I have embraced the sweat.  I use it, love it, look forward to it.

However, this brings some unique problems.  One of these is getting slippery when you are trying to pull on certain parts to get deeper into the pose.  The Om Shanti pants helped get me deeper than ever before.  My hands didn’t slip off my calves as usual and when I grabbed onto the pants, they didn’t feel slippery, they felt secure.

The other problem with sweating and my favorite part of the pants is that you usually ride home completely wet from head to toe.  There is a part of you that just wants to be dry.  I was happily surprised today to have them mostly dry by the time I got home.  They feel amazing on and I could have probably kept wearing them throughout the day.

Another fun thing about these pants are the absolutely beautiful designs.  I got an Hawaiian Sunset version that shows water and a sunset in gorgeous colors.  I loved looking at them in the mirror and seeing the bright yet calming picture.  Something about seeing a sunset makes you feel calm.  I could wear my just grey pants, but in yoga I desire more.  I look at myself throughout the entire class, becoming part of the pants in way.  Think of it as wearing art work.

The pants feel amazing on, beautiful to look at and fit everywhere they are supposed to.  The best thing about them was that I felt like a real yoga person.  I felt legit.  No more running pants, I am yoga.  The equipment does have an effect on your mindset.  So feel it, let the sunset take you away.



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