Yoga Mood

yoga moodI love how yoga makes me feel.  More importantly, it changes my mood drastically.  I’m not 100% sure how it does it.  I know that running did it.  And maybe it’s just the sweat, the body working.  Maybe that is how we are all supposed to be doing it every day.  I don’t know but it works for me.  So here are the biggest changes I see in my mood:

1) When I am tense, worried or all out stressed.  I go to yoga and I come out relaxed, relieved, calm and energized.  How does something so hard make me feel so good for the rest of the day?  It does, it just does.

2) When I feel bad about myself or my body, I go to yoga and I feel strong, tall and lean.  I have definitely never had that with anything else and I spend an hour looking strait at myself in the mirror.  Actually, I have been trying to be in the front row because I find the closer I am to the mirror, the more I look at me than at anyone else.  Seeing myself doing the poses makes me appreciate the hard work.  I am able to see what my body can do and it’s amazing.  I’m flexible (just to brag, I am more flexible than most girls 8-10 years old)  Yes, it was hard work, but every single class made me feel this way.  From when I couldn’t stand to now when I feel stronger and leaner each day.

3) I feel like a happier, calmer version of myself.  I like the person I am on yoga.  I love myself, the person I am, the love in my heart, the good things about me.

4) Probably my biggest struggle is patience and irritability.  I find it impossible to get irritated after class.  The traffic, the weather, anything really, I am able to take things as they are and approach each problem as it comes.  I’m not in a hurry, I love the moment I am in and how ever it happens.

Struggle with any of these like I do?  I’m sure some or all of them.  You are just one class away – changing my life, one move at a time.


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BRCA 2+, Post Bilateral Mastectomy, Post Surgical Menopause, Previvor, Dedicated Yoga Student, Previvor Advocate

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