The 30 Day Challenge – 30 yoga classes in 30 days

When you look at a challenge in something it is usually about the destination.  In yoga, I learned this month, it has very little to do with the number of classes or getting to that last class.

For me, I thought I counted pretty good, no way I could be off.  I have been counting down the days for at least the last 10, planning every class.  But somewhere after the 20th class, even though I was counting, I found something different happening.  Change!  I didn’t care so much about the number as getting to the class.  It was more of a pain to have to think through the number I was on instead of hurrying into that hot room!  The 60 minute classes started to feel like not enough class.  I craved the double classes instead of dreading them.  I looked forward to the challenging postures and can honestly say I pushed every single pose.

The poses started to change too.  I look at the pictures I took of just a couple of postures early in the month and can’t believe how much I have progressed in just a month!  I stretch deeper, hold longer, breath better.  The benefits are endless.  I’m not out of breath during class and I breath through each posture with a clear and calm mind.

The mind thing is crazy.  I’m a 80mph thinker type and have never been able to clear my mind.  I thought that basically would never happen for me.  And here I am, I barely think during the class.  The poses become a comfort as I transition from pose to pose (what I love about Hatha, you can get in the zone and know what is coming next).

And then the HEAT, give me heat!  Around class 20 I had a couple of tough classes.  I came out overheated, out of breath and not feeling great.  But after that, I got over that hump and now I crave it.  Oh you don’t even understand unless you’ve tried it!  My body feels better, I can’t describe it well enough, just try it!

30 classes in 30 days.  It is an accomplishment and I am proud.  But it was more than that, it was transformation.

Favorite Yoga quote from the last month:



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