Hatha Poses Part 1

I’m inspired by @mynameisjessamyn on Instagram today and want to start posting some poses.

Hatha is a set of poses that you do the same way every class. I love the predictability and miss it now that I took a couple days off.

b e YOU t i f u l, does 26 poses. The first is a breathing pose and I’ll just say it would be pretty boring in photos. I’ll take a video someday.

Ardha chandrasana: or half moon




This is one of my favorites, okay, I mostly love them all. But I love the strengthening and stretching of that side. You hold this one for 60 seconds. It’s easy, why not give it a try?

The last part of this posture is an intense forward fold. I’ve seen huge improvement in this pose and love the challenge of it.

Padahastasana: hand under foot pose



Team anyone, stretch on. 🙂


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