Why my Physical Therapist was wrong

Okay, disclaimer, he’s usually always right. He can fix me up, get me better, on the track to healing. But at the beginning of healing after knee surgery, one of my two first questions (the other being when can I run in the water) was when can I do yoga. He told me after I could stand 100%.

What he didn’t know is how different Yin is. I went last night after 2 months since my knee surgery and it was heaven. It is all floor work, so no standing on that knee. But the stretches are long and slow. It stretches into those deep tissues. After being on crutches and just walking for a couple weeks favoring the healthy side, I am all out of whack.

Last nights Yin Yoga with Meg at beYOUtiful Hot Yoga was the best thing I have done for myself since the surgery. It was relaxing, I could do almost everything. But that stretch body wide, but especially for my legs was so nice.

So here’s my goal, I am going to teach a Yin class by the time I’m 40. Even if it’s guest teaching a class. Yoga is unlike any other exercise and Yin is the best to get started with. It’s amazing for healing if you are injured like me, but wow, how great for tight muscles on athletes. Either way, it was so wonderful and I can’t wait to get back Sunday. Join me!


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