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Tonight I had my first Hot Yoga experience at beYOUtiful Hot Yoga in East Wenatchee. I was so nervous. One of the consequences to my decisions that I hate is the menopausal change of, well, I call it temperature regulation problems. I get hot flashes of course but more than that, when I get hot, I get overheated quickly and then can’t cool down kind of hot. So naturally, HOT yoga sounds like I will be uncomfortable, smelly, sticky and not feeling beautiful in any way. I don’t really like sweat, I don’t imagine there are people who love it, but I’d say I am pretty grossed out by it. I worried so much of dripping sweat, being the sweatiest person in the room. And guess what? I was. But it was SO worth it.

I went to Jenn’s Hatha class with lights low and heat up. It was energizing, like the description states: “It is challenging and exciting which that heals, detoxifies, tones the internal organs, cleanses you from the inside out. Hatha Yoga also works every muscle, ligament, tendon, organ, gland, cell, and joint in the body.”

First of all, it is hot. They don’t call it that for nothing. But it doesn’t feel quite sauna hot. I felt like I could endure laying there before class pretending to relax when all my mind does is run. Am I doing the right thing, do I look dumb? I started out with my feet pointing the wrong direction, so strike one. But got myself turned around and excited for class to start thinking mostly in my most un-zen, this isn’t comfortable, I am not feeling relaxed. I wonder if this is how everyone starts out? Maybe.

Once class started, it was more difficult poses than I thought they would be. I know I am not particularly coordinated and balance is probably my worst physical trait, but I’m pretty flexible for my age and can get into most positions. But stand me on one leg and I am toast. I wiggle and fall, I don’t look serene or balanced. I look and feel like a giraffe and hippo had a baby and the new baby tried to stand on one leg with the other behind them. Yeah, then add sweat? Okay, so I didn’t feel comfortable. I didn’t feel serene, it felt really really hard. I started to sweat so much I slipped on the mat and started taking breaks to mop off my face, which helped tremendously. Once in corpse just lying with it on my face cooled me down.

Sweating and moving, my heart rate was high. Muscles all working. Every stop felt like a release of the muscle after working hard. After taking the class then reading the description, it perfectly sums up what the class is about. I finished out relaxed and although I was sweating-it felt clean. Like just water on my skin. And as I mentioned, I was the sweatiest in the room, no question about it. So if you come, don’t worry, I promise I will be worse.

The biggest impact was after showering when I came home. A quick shower left me energetic and a newly found benefit, my skin feels like it soaked in milk all day. It is silky soft. My muscles feel energized, not tired or tight. Relaxed, well worked. But stretched, warm and light. I love this feeling. I was going to write this tomorrow but I just couldn’t wait. I am filled with good energy. I can’t wait to do another class tomorrow, I’m going to head back to do another one. Want to try Hot Yoga with me? If you haven’t done it, you should. Or whatever else it is you want to do, get out there team.


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BRCA 2+, Post Bilateral Mastectomy, Post Surgical Menopause, Previvor, Dedicated Yoga Student, Previvor Advocate

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